Welcome to Found in Collection. I’m Kyle Mathers, curator at the Kenilworth Historical Society (KHS). This blog will highlight the interesting artifacts I find in the Society’s holdings as I conduct an inventory of the museum’s archival, 3D, and art collections. I’ll also pull from some interesting things I’ve found working at the Society for the past two years. The collection of KHS may be small in scope, but it’s no secret that many affluent and influential people have called the small village of Kenilworth their home. Due to this, as well as aggressive collecting by early volunteers of the organization, KHS has a vast and diverse collection, considering its size and scope.

I’ll post weekly photos or scans of the fascinating things I find and give you the provenance (background information) of the artifact, but I also intended to place the object in a local, regional, or even national context if appropriate.

I was inspired to write this blog one afternoon as I was combing though a box I found in our collection room. In a single box I found a prescription bottle of prohibition era whiskey, a death mask, a piece of the White House and much more. It’s no secret that the vast majority of museums’ collections never see the light of day. For example, The Field Museum in Chicago only has 1% of it’s collection on display at any given time. Museums just don’t have the gallery area (or budget) to display all the wonderful things we have. This project will shed light on the hidden treasures in our collection while exploring the captivating history behind them.


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